Green Roof for A Stadium

Adapted from For many, summer means baseball.  In 2015, the oldest baseball stadium in the U.S., the Boston Red Sox’ home...

Growing a Basement Business

by Vanessa Salvia Any waterproofing company that isn’t looking at basement structural repair is missing out on a huge opportunity....

A Watertight Urban Oasis

Renovations of the famed water features at Fountain Place focused on waterproofing with seamless, flexible, chemical and UV resistant...

Rehabbing Aging Concrete Wastewater Infrastructure

Advanced polyurea coatings and liners provide strong, flexible waterproofing to bridge cracks and protect against future cracking and...

Below Grade Waterproofing 101

By Kevin Smith Selecting the appropriate below-grade waterproofing solution for your specific project and unique conditions is not...

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The stories and features in the magazine are geared toward hardworking contractors and small business owners who need relevant information, written in plain English, applicable to his business and jobsite.

WATERPROOF!, a full-color quarterly magazine, promises to become the information resource for all types of waterproofers.

Our readers include residential and commercial waterproofers, foundation contractors, and thousands of large roofing contractors. Our readership also includes architects, engineers, and specifiers who are looking for product information.

We cover all aspects of the waterproofing industry—residential and commercial waterproofing, spray-on and sheet good. So whether your business or product is focused on below-grade work, roofing, or structural repair and foundation remediation, you’ll find WATERPROOF! to be the best place to turn for information. WATERPROOF! is mailed to more than 10,000 interested readers throughout the U.S. every quarter.

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Residential Below Grade

Commercial Above Grade

Roofing a Landmark

Roofing a Landmark

Commercial roofing projects can be complex. On many jobs, the installer must deal with dozens of penetrations, extensive detailing at the transitions, and the sheer scale of tens of thousands of square feet.  Often, heights and exposure also require...

Structural Repairs

Remedial Waterproofing

Remedial Waterproofing

Dealing With Water Issues On Existing Buildings — By Melissa Morton Remediating the waterproofing and drainage for a New England hotel involved installing a  60-foot-long French drain under the hotel deck. Even though the beachfront hotel in Connecticut...

Commercial Carbon Fiber Repair

Commercial Carbon Fiber Repair

By Bob Thompson It has been nearly 15 years since carbon fiber first made its emergence into the civil engineering arena.  Today, more and more structural engineers are using carbon fiber to design a variety of structural repairs. The most common use is retrofitting...

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