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All available PDF back issues are instantly available upon checkout.
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Summer 2024
Properly Encapsulating a Crawlspace
The Competent Person
Pushing the Envelope: Steeply Sloped Green Roofs
Transforming Foundations with Fluid-Applied Membranes for Superior Protection

Spring 2024
Indoor Air Quality in Finished Basements
Options for Waterproofing ICF Pools
Commercial Roof Drains and Drainage Systems

Winter 2024
Trade Show Preview
Waterproofing Amenity Decks
Creating a Healthy Crawl Space
Case Study: Smart Crawl Space In New Jersey
Digging Deeper Foundations
Case Study: Washington, D.C.’s Florida Ave. NE

Fall 2023
AI in the Waterproofing Industry
Case Study: Northwestern University’s Simpson Querrey Biomedical Research Center
Installing and Protecting Green Roofs
Protecting the Commercial Building Envelope
Understanding Hydrostatic Pressure
Employer Responsibilities To Employees and Law

Summer 2023
Asbestos in the Waterproofing Industry
Choosing and Installing Sump Pumps
Cool Roofing
Case Study: Interior Basement Waterproofing

Spring 2023
Crack Repair For Foundations
Waterproofing in High Humidity
Drainage Boards and Footing Drains
Residential Basement Waterproofing
Case Study 1: The Hyatt House Miami
Case Study 2: Bowed Block Wall Repair
Case Study 3: Miami’s Brickell View Terrace Apartments

Winter 2023
Waterproofing New Concrete
Vapor Barriers and Underslab Solutions
Managing Weight & Water In a Green Roof

Fall 2022
Self-adhered Waterproofing
Basement Waterproofing Steps for New and Existing Construction
Leak Detection Systems Explained
Moisture Meters Are Essential For Roofers

Summer 2022
Creating Livable Basements
Benefits of Ballasted Roofing
Why Your Waterproofing System Should Be Elastomeric
Choosing the Right Weather Barriers

Spring 2022
Waterproofing Agricultural Buildings
Protecting the Niagara Falls Pedestrian Deck
Hycrete Waterproofs Luxury Residential Tower
Integral Waterproofing With Crystalline Admixtures
Protecting Parking Deck Systems

Winter 2022
Cold Vs. Hot-Applied Liquid Applied Membranes and Coatings
Insulfoam’s Geofoam Completes Swimming Pool
Waterproofing Pool Decks
Largest Waterfront in the Southeast
Roofing Collaboration For Shriner’s International Project
Strengthening Your Waterproof Business

Fall 2021
Protecting a Foundation from Drought
Cool Roofing
Waterproofing Alternative Construction
Case Study: Pool Deck Crack Repair
Case Study: The Standard at State College

Summer 2021
Selecting Dehumidifiers
Options for Structural Repair: Crack Repair, Carbon Fiber, Piering, Grouting
Waterproofing Metal Buildings
Mold Growth in New Construction
Waterproofing and Renovating the Empire State Building

Spring 2021
Which Is a Better Roofing System: TPO, EPDM, or PVC? Part 2
Crawlspace Monitoring: The why, the how, and the differences
Waterproofing Membranes Outlook

Winter 2021
Waterproofing Basement Floor Slabs and Walls
Great Work, Wrong Project
History of Drain Tiles
Which System Is Better – TPO, EPDM, or PVC?
Making the Most of Digital Events
Becoming a More Digital Friendly Business

Fall 2020
Cast-In-Place Concrete vs. Shotcrete: The CIP Advantage
Crystalline vs. Gel Waterproofing
Effective Waterproofing for ICFs
A Green Roof for Liberty Island

Summer 2020
Grouts for Waterproofing and Structural Repair
The Crawlspace: Link to a Healthy Home
Waterproofing Your Crawlspace
High Performance Crawlspace Liners
Working In an Era of Covid
Elastomeric Coatings: Misconceptions, Myths, and Key Considerations

Spring 2020
Options for Structural Repair
Joints and Waterstops
Electronic Leak Detection
Case Study: Shoshone Power Plant

Winter 2020
Trade Show Preview
Waterproofing Industry Forecast
Sustainable Leak-Free Roofing
Rehabilitating Reeds Creek Fish Hatchery

Fall 2019
Admixtures as Waterproofing
Floating Dry Dock
Liquid Cold-Applied Roofing
Reflective Coating Saves Condo Roof
Waterproofing a Historic Stadium

Summer 2019
Growing A Basement Business
Below-Grade Waterproofing 101
Rehabbing Aging Concrete Wastewater Infrastructure
Green Roof for A Stadium

Spring 2019
Drain Tiles and Footing Drains
Roofing America’s Largest Buildings
Options for Underslab Waterproofing
Waterproofing a Deep Foundation

Winter 2019
Trade Show Preview
Drying Out a Waterfront Crawlspace
Waterproofing Industry Forecast
Securing the Roof Membrane Perimeter
Carbon Fiber for Structural Repair
Waterproofing an Airplane Factory

Fall 2018
Blindside in Hollywood
Single Ply Roofing: A Primer
Options for Floor Coatings
The How and Why of Enclosed Crawlspaces

Summer 2018
Air Barriers
Integral Waterproofing on Commercial Jobs
Green Roofing
Livable Basements

Spring 2018
Drainage Do’s and Don’ts
Dimple Drain Sheets
Silicone Roof Coatings
Waterproofing Decks
Hybrid Sealants for Crack Repair

Winter 2018
Tradeshow Report and Preview
A Crash Course in Convention Networking
Crawlspaces and Sump Pumps
Reflective Roofing: The Basics
Sealing Active Water Leaks

Fall 2017
Commercial Carbon Fiber
Roofing a Landmark
Floor Coatings as Waterproofing

Summer 2017
Light and Tight: Facebook Green Roof
Advances in Commercial Waterproofing
Greening Your Waterproofing

Spring 2017
Sealing Cold Joints with Waterstops
Waterstops for Expansion Joints
Basement Backfill and Drainage
The Key to a Successful Roof Coating

Winter 2017
Trade Show Preview
The Future of Waterproofing
Insulation, Air Barriers, and Waterproofing

Fall 2016
Solutions for Tunnel Waterproofing
Real-Time Automated Leak Detection
Sealing Commercial Concrete
Project Profile: Voxman Music Building

Summer 2016
Remedial Drainage Options
Project Profile: City Creek Center
Residential Carbon Fiber
Preparing Masonry for Waterproofing

Spring 2016
Rooftop Decking
Basement Remodels and Emergency Egress
Waterproofing and Geofoam

Winter 2016
Coatings for Water Tanks
Cool Roofing: Reflective v. Planted
Spray-Applied Air Barriers: Thick vs. Thin

Fall 2015
Relieving Hydrostatic Pressure
Waterproofing World-Class Stadiums
Fluid Applied Roof Coatings

Summer 2015
Remedial Waterproofing
Green Roof Profile: Bulls Practice Facility
Sealing Manholes And Water Tunnels
Green Roof Directory

Spring 2015
Active Hybrid Waterproofing Technologies
Back-up Sump Pump Systems
Rooftop Recreation Areas

Winter 2015
Options for Deep Foundations
Livable Basements
Commercial Structural Repair – By Bob Thompson
Integrating Green Roofs and Solar

Fall 2014
Apples To Apples: Comparing Waterproofing Warranties
Polyurea Coatings: The Basics
Cold Liquid-Applied Roofing: By Kelly Franklin
Moisture And Lightweight Decks

Summer 2014
Innovative Waterproofing: The Houston Country Club
Ensuring Sump Pumps Perform: By Ron Greenbaum
Advances in Green Roofing: The Javits Center
Green Roof Directory

Spring 2014
The Importance of Certified Installers
Protected Membrane Roofing
Crystalline Admixtures and LEED
Polymer Rubber Gel Systems

Winter 2014
Selecting a Spray-Applied Air Barrier
The Importance of Dehumidifiers
Crystalline Solutions for Wastewater Plants
A Different Direction: Green Walls

Fall 2013
Electronic Leak Detection: High Vs. Low Voltage
Basement Finishing Kits
Blindside And Underslab Work
Project Profile: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Summer 2013
Advances in Basement Coatings
Library of Congress Green Roof
Industrial Pit Liners
Green Roof Directory

Spring 2013
Properly Sizing Sump Pumps
Commercial Applications for Carbon Fiber
Curtain Grouting in Residential Applications
PVC Membranes for Flat Roofs

Winter 2013
Choosing a Peel-and-Stick
New Options for Waterproofing Decks
Keeping Water Tanks Watertight

Fall 2012
Drainage Systems for Synthetic Fields
Options for Finishing Basements
Waterproofing Techniques for Bored Tunnels

Summer 2012
Worry-Free Sump Pumps
Crack Injection on Above-Grade Commercial Jobs
Green Roof Directory

Spring 2012
Underslab Barriers: Does Millage Matter?
Wind and Fire Standards for Living Roofs
Taking Your Business Commercial
Sealed Crawlspaces: Concrete vs. Plastics

Winter 2012
Piering for Foundation Repair
Cut-and-Cover Tunnels
A Systems-Based Approach to Waterproofing

Fall 2011
Options for Retention Ponds
Mold Remediation: An Update
Waterproofing Bridges and Overpasses
Mechanical Sump Pumps

Summer 2011
Underslab Retrofits
Project Profile: Canadian Subways
Sloped Green Roofs
Green Roof Directory

Spring 2011
Waterstops, How and Why:
Project Profile: Vancouver Library
New Data on Enclosed Crawlspaces
Spray-on Coatings for Above-Grade Work

Winter 2011
Negative-Side Waterproofing
Ballasted Roof Basics
Drainage Do’s and Don’ts

Fall 2010
Underslab Radon Barriers
Working With Carbon Fiber
Roof Pitch and System Selection

Summer 2010
Waterproofing to Withstand Shotcrete
Sump Pumps for Commercial Use
Roofing Color as Energy Strategy

Spring 2010
Integral Waterproofing
Crack Repair: Epoxies vs. Polyurethanes
Green Roofs as Retrofits

Winter 2010
Non-Destructive Leak Detection
High Performance highway Sealants

Fall 2009
Green Decks
Below Grade Repair
Advances in Coatings
Protecting a World Class Bridge

Summer 2009
Solar Roofs: Challenges and Waterproofing Solutions
Foam in Waterproofing Systems
Sump Pumps: Advances and Installation
Green Sealants at the Bottom of the World

Spring 2009
Options in Spraying Equipment
Tunnel Vision: Waterproofing a Megaproject
Above-Grade Waterproofing for Horizontal Surfaces
Iron Bacteria: The Red Stuff

Winter 2009
Above-Grade Waterproofing for Commercial Construction
Vapor Barriers and the Underslab Solution
Roofing the Sky

Fall 2008
Waterproofing ICFs
Waterproofing in Expansive Clay Soils
Traditional Roofing vs. New Alternatives

Summer 2008
Midwest Flooding
Dealing with Drainage
Crack Repair for CMU Foundations
Getting Flat Roofs to Perform

Spring 2008
Built Up Roofing
Fixing a Broken Foundation
Sump Pumps Under the Stage

Winter 2008
Green Roofing
Deep Foundations
Dimple Membranes

Fall 2007
Blindside Waterproofing
Roofing a Historical Landmark
Footing and Drainage Boards

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