Firestone Announces Contractor Awards

Firestone Building Products holds an annual awards program to recognize excellence in commercial roofing.  In February, they announced  that more than 200 roofing installation companies had earned the 2014 Master Contractor Award, bringing the network to more than 3,000.  Collectively, these firms installed more than 235 million sq. ft. of Firestone roofing systems in 2013.  From among these ranks, they selected three contractor firms for special recognition, based on square footage installed and the quality of the work.

“The annual Master Contractor Program recognizes top-tier firms for their high-quality workmanship and long-term roofing system performance,” said Tim Dunn,  president of Firestone Building Products.

“Master Contractor, Inner Circle of Quality and President’s Club honorees are our best partners in the industry because of their commitment to building excellence.”

For a complete listing of Master Contractors and past award winners, visit


ARMA is BUR Information Resource

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has redesigned their website, so it now has easily accessible information on everything the consumer and professional needs to know about built-up roofing (BUR), including multi BUR.

“ARMA positions itself as having the answers for the professional and consumers, alike,” said Reed Hitchcock, executive vice president of ARMA. “With asphalt roofing, it can be a lot of information to absorb, but we try our best to package it in the easiest form we can.”

Multi BUR is actually just one of many topics that can be accessed through ARMA’s website

Hitchcock says multi-BUR adds stability to your roof so you don’t have to worry about the deterioration of high traffic areas or the placement of solar panels and mechanical systems.

“Single layer roofs require sacrificial layers for these areas that often prove redundant and ineffective,” he says. “BUR adds protection, durability and energy efficiency.”

ARMA is the North American trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of bituminous-based residential and commercial fiberglass and organic asphalt shingle roofing products, roll roofing, built-up (BUR) roofing systems, and modified bitumen roofing systems.


Green Roofing Grows 10%

A recently released survey reports that the North American vegetated roof industry grew by 10% in 2013.  This matches the long term trend, which has produced double-digit growth rates consistently over the past decade.

The data was compiled by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), which has surveyed its members, on the growth and composition of the green roof industry in North America annually since 2004.

Data collected includes the square footage, location, and green roof type.

Annual growth rates are derived by averaging the change in the square footage recorded by a representative sample of 24 members from year to year.


Carlisle Opens PVC Plant

In April, Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) hosted a grand opening event to celebrate the completion of its new PVC plant in South Carolina. The state-of-the-art production line will manufacture PVC roofing membranes up to 10 feet, 10 inches in width, and the ability to manufacture polyester- and fiberglass-reinforced PVC, as well as fleece-backed PVC membranes, in a single pass.

“CCM has invested in the Greenville area for more than 30 years with our existing EPDM manufacturing plant… The addition of the PVC manufacturing line will create jobs for the community and help to further develop the economy,” stated Joe Stassi, CCM’s director of PVC sales and marketing.


Firestone Acquires European EPDM Maker

Firestone Building Products Company announced earlier this year that it has acquired the manufacturing assets and brands of Terrassa, a global waterproofing manufacturer based in Spain.  They’re best known for their self-adhered EPDM products sold under the trade names Giscosa and Giscolene. As part of the transaction, Firestone now operates a EPDM plant near Barcelona, expanding their manufacturing capabilities.  It also represents the company’s first overseas manufacturing plant.

“[It’s] part of our strategy to position the company to better serve the needs of our European and global customers,” said Tim Dunn, President of Firestone Building Products. “We are excited about the opportunities that the acquisition of Giscosa and Giscolene will bring to our business.”


MFM Product Earns Miami-Dade Approval

MFM’s Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal, a high temperature roofing underlayment, has been formally approved by Miami-Dade to comply with the Florida Building Code including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone. A copy of the report NOA No. 13-1125.06 can be found online at

This self-adhering, white roofing underlayment is composed of a non-slip polyethylene film laminated to a high temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive system. It comes with a split release liner for use in valleys, ridges, and penetrations.


Reflective Roof Database Launched

The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA) has launched a Reflective Roof Rebates Database that tracks reflective roof incentives across the country. Available to RCMA members, the customized search tool can be used to find local, state, federal, and utility financial incentives available for installing reflective roofs.

“Since its launch, the RCMA Reflective Roof Rebates Database has been one of our most popular member benefits,” said John Ferraro, RCMA executive director. “Independently tracking such a wide array of financial incentives has proven a challenge for our members for years, and they now have come to rely on this user-friendly tool to take the work out of discovering relevant rebates for the installation of reflective roofs all across the United States.”


Sika Offers Thickness Guarantee Program

Sika, maker of  thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes, now offers a Thickness Guarantee Program. The company claims it is the first in the industry to guarantee that the thickness of all Sarnafil roofing membranes will meet or exceed the thickness indicated on the package label.

Current industry standards for various single-ply membranes, established by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), allow a manufacturer to produce a membrane 10%  thinner (or thicker) than its labeled thickness, meaning that a membrane labeled 60 mils could actually be 54 mils and still meet the standard. Specifiers and building owners are generally unaware of this situation, even though it has a direct impact on product value.

If, at the time of installation, the membrane measures less than the labeled thickness, Sika will pay the building owner five cents for every square foot of material measuring less than the labeled thickness.

“Roofing membrane thickness is a key determinant to longevity, durability, and weldability,” said Jay Thomas, vice president marketing, Sika Corporation. “The Thickness Guarantee Program for Sarnafil membranes ensures that architects and roofing consultants can specify with confidence, and that building owners will truly get what they pay for.”