Firestone Acquires Gaco Western

In early April, Firestone Building Products acquired Gaco Western, which markets waterproofing, silicone roof coatings, and spray foam insulation. The deal, which includes all assets and operations held by Gaco, was announced earlier this year. Financial details were not disclosed.

The acquisition enhances Firestone’s position in the commercial roofing market with the addition of Gaco’s silicone polyurethanes, epoxies and acrylic liquid coating. It also allows the company to expand into the residential and pedestrian deck markets.

Gaco products will continue to be sold under the Gaco brand and will continue to be made at a state-of-the-art facility in Waukesha, Wisc.

MFM Announces SubSeal Flashing Approval

MFM Building Products states that two of the company’s SubSeal products officially comply with the AAMA 711-13 standard. This is a voluntary specification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association for the minimum performance requirements for self-adhering flashing products.

Independent third-party testing reveals that both the 40-mil and 60-mil versions of SubSeal meet this standard. The high strength, high elongation film accommodates expansion and contraction, making it ideal for sealing window openings, around doors where high use and movement will occur, and under door thresholds and anywhere high moisture content will be present.

Pro Guard Gets Approved

Pro Guard Coatings has received FM Approval on their Proflex Primer and Moisture Cure liquid rubber products. The company, which markets liquid EPDM, epoxies, urethanes and UV curable coatings, offers a broad line of specialty coatings for a variety of surfaces.

FM Approval is a third-party testing and certification service.


Soprema And Arcom Sign Agreement

In March, Soprema announced that their line of roofing and waterproofing products are available through Arcom’s software platform. Arcom publishes MasterSpec, for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), reaching over 60,000 design professionals involved in building projects.

With this new agreement, Soprema’s product data and customized specifications are now more easily available to architects, engineers and design professionals. The two companies have worked together to create customized versions of the MasterSpec sections to accurately specify Soprema’s unique products.


W. R. Meadows Revamps Website

W. R. Meadows has updated their website to give it a more contemporary feel, including a more immersive front page, easier navigation to product information, and an enhanced layout. The update includes enhanced mobile-friendly features, and automatically adjusts based on the width of browser or size of mobile device.

The content visitors have come to expect is still available, but in a more accessible format, including access to product data sheets, safety data sheets, project profiles, and more.


GAF Acquires Quest

GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, has acquired Quest Construction Products (QCP), the largest supplier of fluid-applied roofing systems in North America. The transaction also provides GAF with a strong presence in coating solutions for pavement and vertical surfaces.

The deal gives GAF an immediate and strong presence in the commercial roofing market.

“This acquisition combines North America’s leading manufacturer and marketer of roofing products with the leading producer of fluid-applied solutions,” said Bob Tafaro, president and CEO of GAF. “This acquisition demonstrates GAF’s ongoing commitment to growth and leadership in the commercial roofing industry.”

QCP brands now managed by GAF include the Hydro-Stop family of liquid membrane products, the United Coatings line of coating solutions, and StreetBond pavement coatings. These products will complement GAF’s existing roofing technologies and commercial solar solutions.


Kemper System Celebrates 60 Years

Kemper System America, Inc. has expanded its product lineup in the past six months, adding a line of coatings for foundation floors in April and several new lines through the acquisition of STS Coatings, Inc. in December. The company says it can serve as a single source provider for liquid-applied roofing and waterproofing systems, coatings, sealants and barrier products.

Kemper System has been a leader in cold liquid-applied roofing since Heinz B. Kemper founded the original company in 1957. He developing a novel roofing system using a cold liquid-applied resin reinforced with polyester fleece. Patented in 1969, the company is celebrating 60 years in business.

“Liquid-applied systems offer important advantages over sheet and roll products,” said Richard Doornink, president and managing director of Kemper System America, Inc. “They provide seamless protection across the surface and seal difficult areas like around multiple penetrations, skylights, gutterways, fountains and behind indoor tile. They also eliminate the time and expense of installing flashing and termination bars.”

He continues, “Kemper System was built on novel approaches to challenges, consistent product quality and customer service, and those continue to be the bedrock of our relationships.”

The company’s flagship product, solvent-free and odor-free Kemperol 2K PUR protects hundreds of millions of square feet across North America, including the Empire State Building in New York City, CN Tower in Toronto and Marketplace Tower in Seattle.

With the acquisition of STS Coatings and it’s four flagship brands, Kemper can now protect a wide range of projects in a variety of climates including: new and existing roofs, white roofs, green roofs, interior and below-grade waterproofing (including reinforced and unreinforced), air/water barriers for masonry walls and foundations, construction sealants, parking garages, balconies, terraces, plazas, and historic restorations.