New Internet Domain for Construction Industry

In November, a new internet domain was announced for construction-related websites.  With the explosive growth of the worldwide web since the mid-1990s, the relatively small number of original domain names (.com, .org, .edu, and .gov) have proven inadequate for the wide range of topics covered by the hundreds of millions of webpages that now exist and it has become expensive, if not impossible, to obtain a web address matching a company name or brand.  In response to this, several new generic top level domains (gTLDs) have been created to allow for simpler web addresses.  Like other gTLDs, “.build” is available for global usage on the Internet, but is specifically designated for the building and construction industries.

The new name will be administered by the appropriately named .BUILD, Inc. a Los Angeles-based company founded by construction industry veteran George Minardos and intellectual property attorney Thomas Brackey.  Says Minardos, “For the first time in the Internet’s history, the word to the right of the dot will be as important to a company’s website as the url to the left of the dot.”

IR Analyzers Offers New Electronic Leak Detection

An improved method of electronic rooftop leak detection has been developed by IR Analyzers /Vector Mapping.  The company, a national provider of testing services for roofing and waterproofing membranes,  is now marketing ELD Fusion, which combines High Voltage ELD testing on vertical surfaces with traditional Low Voltage Vector Mapping on horizontal areas.

This combination of High and Low Voltage test procedures represents the most comprehensive test methodology available.

IR Analyzers is also making a detailed ELD Fusion specification available on their website. In addition to rigorous test requirements, the specification contains provisions for experience, certification, equipment and deliverables.

Today’s designers, architects, engineers and contractors are often faced with trying to decipher unclear or partial ELD specifications. Backed by IR Analyzers’ 30-year track record of testing excellence and innovation, this CSI MasterFormat specification  provides clarity, accountability and comprehensiveness.

Peter Brooks, CEO of IR Analyzers, says, “ELD Fusion is a big step forward in leak detection. It eliminates the guesswork required with many documents, and augments horizontal Low Voltage Vector Mapping by adding High Voltage ELD at transitions and on vertical surfaces. All stakeholders, including designers, contractors, manufacturers and owners, will benefit substantially from implementation of these thorough testing requirements.”


Text Alerts For Sump Pump Issues

Blue Angel Pumps has introduced a text notification program for waterproofing professionals.

With a traditional alarm, the homeowner has to be home to hear it and be alerted to the problem. But now, even on-the-go homeowners can be alerted via text message if there is a high water condition or power outage in their basement sump or crawl space area.

Blue Angel is one of the first pump manufacturers to offer this new technology to waterproofing contractors.

With Advanced Text Notification, if the alarm device senses high water and power outage conditions, it will send a text message alert to any three telephone numbers programmed into the device. The alarm system has two-way texting capabilities as well; the homeowner can send a text to the device at any time to get a real-time status update, reassuring the homeowner that all is well. Real-time information allows the homeowner to take immediate action to minimize any potential water damage, and gives the waterproofing professional an innovative edge.


MFM Announces Waterproofing Adhesive

MFM Building Products, an Ohio-based waterproofing manufacturer, has patented a new PowerBond adhesive system for waterproofing membranes.

The technology was developed to allow waterproofing membranes to be applied in temperatures as low as 25° F (3.9° C), while remaining stable at elevated temperatures. It also offers a cost savings when compared to butyl and acrylic formulas. Awarded Patent No. 8,603,629, the technology has already been incorporated into several of the company’s Peel & Seal, WindowWrap and underlayment products.


Garland Provides Building Envelope Analysis

Garland now offers building envelope evaluation services that helps a building owner determine the best option for reducing energy loss during roof and wall remediation projects. The service is offered through the Garland Engineering Services Group.

The three-phase evaluation begins with assessment, historical research, and an inventory of building envelope components and their current condition.  Phase Two is an energy audit of the building envelope and a life-cycle cost analysis of the potential energy savings that can be realized from recommended improvements. The third phase includes recommendations on how to improve air quality, eliminate or minimize the use of hazardous materials, and reduce other safety and wellness hazards related to the exterior building envelope.

For a free preliminary building envelope inspection, or for more information, visit


Strong Man Adds Vapor Retarder Lineup

Strong Man Building Products Corp. is expanding its product line with the addition of VaporBlock, a line of vapor retarder/barriers made by Raven Industries.

“We are pleased to be teaming up with Raven Industries to offer this product as part of the Strong Man line,” said  Jay Kinder,  president  of Strong Man.  “VaporBlock is currently available through all Strong Man distributors.”

The building products supplier will offer VaporBlock in the 10, 15 and Plus 20 formulas, as well as the product’s accessories. All these formulas meet or exceed ASTM E-1745 requirements for water vapor retarders used in contact with soil or granular fill under concrete slabs.


New Basement Health Association President

Rick Frack, district sales manager for The Bilco Company, has been appointed president of the Basement Health Association (BHA). In this role, Frack will oversee the work of various BHA member committees, run the bi-annual Board of Directors meeting and work to help grow the organization.

Frack has been involved with the BHA for three years and most recently served as a member of its Board of Directors. Frack was introduced as the incoming president in conjunction with the 2014 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas.

Frack says, “Over the next year, I hope to increase the overall interest in our organization, as it is an excellent resource for industry professionals and homeowners alike.”

Frack has been with Bilco for more than 20 years, and manages sales in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and part of the southern United States. Past president Bill Crawford still serves on the board of directors. John Bryant of AquaGuard Waterproofing Corp., Beltsville, MD was re-elected as vice-president and Alan Chandler of All Dry, Inc., Nashville, Tenn. as secretary/treasurer.