Saint-Gobain Acquires GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies, a leading global provider of construction products, announced that Saint-Gobain has acquired all of the outstanding shares of GCP Applied Technologies for $32 per share, in cash, in a transaction valued at approximately $2.3 billion. GCP will delist from the New York Stock Exchange. The business combination has been unanimously approved by the Boards of Directors of both businesses. GCP’s well-respected brands and decades of experience will integrate with Saint-Gobain’s CertainTeed and Chryso businesses. GCP’s specialty building materials business in North America (c. $250 million of sales) will merge with the CertainTeed business, serving the marketplace in its region. All other GCP businesses, consisting mainly of concrete admixtures and cement additives (c. $750 million of sales) will be combined with the Chryso business and be part of the High Performance Solutions segment. Saint-Gobain is a worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and services for the construction and industrial markets.

Soprema Acquires Furbish

Soprema, a leader in the commercial roofing, waterproofing, wall protection, and civil engineering industries, has acquired Furbish, a sustainable development company focused on the deployment and maintenance of green roofs, living walls, stormwater management, and other green technologies for high-performance buildings. Soprema’s latest acquisition expands its presence in the sustainable solutions market and accelerates the growth of its SopraNature portfolio of green roof solutions. It will also lead to new opportunities for product development and for professional growth opportunities for its employees. Furbish, located in Baltimore, Maryland, and founded in 2003 by Michael Furbish, is a sustainable development company focused on sustainable solutions for high-performance buildings, all accomplished with the highest level of service. Furbish supplies EcoCline and other specialty products to roofers and landscapers to install. Involved in deploying green roof systems, often as design-build efforts, Furbish has developed products centered on higher stormwater performance, lower maintenance, lighter weights, lower carbon footprints, and better economies. 

Mule-Hide Products Co. Available Nationwide

Six spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing systems from Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. are now available nationwide. Previously only offered in Southwestern states, the systems have been rolled out nationally to meet growing demand for roof restorations that both extend a roofing system’s useful life and enhance the building’s energy efficiency. There are 60 SKUs available to meet the needs of any job. All are two-component, sprayed-in-place, rigid, closed-cell systems providing a fully adhered, monolithic, sustainable air barrier and thermal insulation. Self-flashing, they deliver seamless protection with no joints or fasteners and create a smooth surface that reduces the need to apply extra coating. All are lightweight, offer excellent adhesion to most substrates, and enhance wind uplift resistance. Each of the six systems is available in five reactivity grades, allowing contractors to choose the system that is best-suited to ambient temperatures at the time of application. The lower the ambient temperature, the faster the reactivity grade that should be used. 

Ames Products to be Distributed in Australasia

Ames Research Laboratories, a global manufacturer of waterproof coating and sealants, has reached a distribution agreement with the Building Solution Supplies Australasia (BSSA) of Auckland, New Zealand. With more than 30 years of experience in providing professional, innovative building products for commercial trade in Australasia, BSSA is the perfect partner to lead the global distribution of the Ames product line. Ames is known throughout the coatings industry with leading brands such as Blue Max Maximum Stretch, Safe-T-Deck, and Capstone Granite.

MFM Building Products' New Brochure

MFM Building Products, a manufacturer of a full envelope of waterproofing and weather barrier products for the building industry, recently issued an updated Roofing Underlayment Systems brochure, which outlines the company’s full complement of steep-slope, self-adhering under-layment products. The brochure highlights each of MFM’s underlayment categories, which include granulated ice and water, polymer film ice and water, high temperature metal and tile, shingle starter products, and roof deck tape for sealing the seams on plywood and OSB roof panels. All of MFM’s underlayment products are self-adhering and selfsealing around fasteners, come with a split release liner for easy valley application, and can be used as a flashing material around exterior penetrations.

Polyglass U.S.A. Announces New Waterproofing Membrane for the Building Envelope

Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., a leading manufacturer of roofing and below-grade waterproofing systems, is proud to announce the release of a new structural waterproofing membrane product for the building envelope, Mapeseal™ GC.

Mapeseal GC is a single-component, fast-curing, cold-fluid-applied, monolithic waterproofing membrane ideal for vertical and horizontal surfaces and damp and green concrete applications.

A seamless, 100%-solids, moisture-curing waterproofing membrane, Mapeseal GC is compatible with common construction materials such as concrete, concrete masonry units (CMUs), stone, metal, plastic (PVC and ABS), wood (pressure-treated and fire-treated), rigid insulation, and insulating concrete forms (ICF).

Mapeseal GC will not shrink and is VOC-compliant in virtually all municipalities. Its low odor makes it well-suited for use in and around occupied spaces.

For critical applications, the system can be reinforced with Mapeseal™ Fabric.

Features and Benefits:

  • Single-grade membrane for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Can be applied in a variety of thicknesses or with reinforcement, making it customizable to any job
  • Does not require a primer
  • Applies easily with no mixing or special equipment required (can be applied by roller, brush, trowel, or squeegee)
  • Free of solvents, tar, and asphalt

Polyglass is available to answer any questions about our new line of below-grade waterproofing solutions, including our adhesive primers, drainage mats, and post- and pre-applied waterproofing membranes.

For specification sheets and additional information, please visit

About Polyglass

Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems. Known for its self-adhered modified bitumen roofing systems based on the company’s patented ADESO® Technology and CURE Technology®, Polyglass also produces a full line of premium roof coatings and roof maintenance systems. In addition, Polyglass has recently introduced a range of structural waterproofing solutions for the building envelope.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Polyglass provides quality products and adds value through innovation. For more information about the premium products and services offered by Polyglass, call 800.222.9782 or visit

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Polyglass Roofing System Installed on New 185,000 Square Foot Hospital “Super Clinic”

Tracing its origins to 1977, Carriere-Stumm is one of the premier contractors in the southern U.S., focusing a large portion of its business on commercial roofing projects. Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, Carriere-Stumm has been highly instrumental in the rebuilding of the New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf regions after Hurricane Katrina, and in recent years they have shifted much of their focus toward sustainable “green roofing” solutions.

With extensive experience in the healthcare sector, Ochsner Health Systems recently contracted them to install a roof on their newly-planned facility, Ochsner West Metairie Hospital – a three-story, 185,000 square foot “super-clinic” occupying the old vacant Sears building at Clearview Mall in Metairie, LA.

The contractors reached out to Gregg Bennett of GB Sales, a local Polyglass representative, to help them procure suitable roofing materials. Despite time constraints and the supply chain challenges plaguing the market in early 2022, Polyglass provided the products needed for Carriere-Stumm to complete the roofing project on time and within budget.

Project Background and Challenges

The project called for a full new roof on the building – about 100,000 square feet in total. While otherwise a straightforward project, the weather posed the biggest challenge to completion. While trying to get the roof installed quickly under the threat of hurricane season, the team also had to work around an unprecedented weather pattern of heat and rain from July to August 2022, which brought afternoon thunderstorms across southern Louisiana almost daily. To compensate for these challenges, project supervisor Randy Sumrall and his crew showed up at 6:00 pm every evening after the storms subsided and worked under lights on the roof until 3:00 am each morning.

The roofing team began by installing a cover board layer over a Polytherm ISO hot-mopped system laid on the concrete roof deck. They completed the installation with a dual torch-applied system with Polyflex Smooth as the base layer and Polyflex G FR as a fire-retardant cap layer. Despite the challenging conditions and supply chain concerns, Polyglass’ abundant product supply and ease of installation enabled the team to complete installation on schedule, passing the Polyglass inspection with flying colors in time for the facility’s scheduled opening in early 2023.

Product Spotlight

Carriere-Stumm utilized a torch-applied, dual-layer roofing system using the following Polyglass products:

  • Polyflex (Talc Smooth): A premium APP-modified bitumen membrane known for its puncture resistance and long-term weathering performance.
  • Polyflex G FR: A high-quality modified bitumen cap sheet with fire-retardant additives featuring Polyglass’ patented FASTLap® for improved ease and speed of application. When used in conjunction with approved Polyglass base layers, Polyflex G FR conforms to the highest standards of weathering durability, including strict Miami-Dade standards against severe weather.

About Polyglass
Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. is an industry leader in providing state-of-the-art roofing and waterproofing products and systems for commercial roofing applications. For more information about our premium products and services, call 800.222.9782 or visit

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