NAWSRC May Change Name

The National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors (NAWSRC) may soon be known as the Basement Health Association (BHA). The members will vote on the proposal at the Annual Meeting on August 14-18, 2010. 

The name change is part of an effort to include a broader group of contractors—rain gutter contractors, basement renovators, radon mitigation, mold remediation, etc.—that affect the entire basement environment. The new association scope would align the contractors whose work directly affects each others. 

For years, the various subcontractors on a job occasionally created problems for each other. For example: the radon mitigation contractors would close open-back waterproofing systems which could create moisture water problems.  The waterproofers, in turn, might install systems that would aggravate radon problems.  Similar issues can occur with all the water diversion contractors, landscapers and basement renovators who don’t understand how their work affects the aspect of the other.

New EPDM Website from Carlisle

Carlisle SynTec, a manufacturer of single-ply roofing materials, recently announced the launch of a new website that provides information about improving a building’s efficiency with an EPDM roof. 

Users can click one of numerous cities across the country to view the energy costs, consumption, and carbon emissions attributed to a white or black EPDM roof, and can request similar data for locations that are not highlighted. The site also features videos and literature resources that explain the benefits and tackle the myths surrounding EPDM.
The new website also demonstrates how the dark color of Carlisle’s Sure-Seal and Sure-Tough EPDM membranes can help reduce heating costs in cool, northern locations, while its reflective Sure-White EPDM is ideal for lowering cooling costs in warm, southern climates. Together, these three roofing systems can help lower energy costs and consumption while reducing carbon emissions. For more information visit


Meadows Introduces LEED Credit Calculator

W. R. Meadows has unveiled an online LEED Credit Calculator.  The tool is intended to help determine how W. R. Meadows products can contribute to LEED-certified construction.

After entering the project information in the calculator, the LEED Credit Calculator will create at PDF that lists the products’ percentage of recycled material, whether the product was manufactured within 500 miles of the project location, and if the product meets Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations. The printout also provides all supporting documentation necessary to confirm LEED Credit compliance.

The calculator can be found on the company’s website at 

ARMA Launches Case Study Program

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) is launching a new program to spotlight projects that exemplify the benefits of asphalt roofing.

Named the Quality Asphalt Roofing Case Study Program, organizers hope it will give roofing contractors, consultants and architects the ability to gain the national prominence that they deserve for their work with asphalt roofing.

The program is arranged like a contest.  Projects are submitted via an online form that collects project information and a description of the project’s special challenges.  Residential and commercial projects, including new construction or renovation are eligible.  

 Aside from crowning three winners, this program will allow the industry to share success stories, best practices and have a chance to network and learn, while promoting the core benefits of asphaltic roofing. 

“Documenting successful projects that illustrate the benefits of asphalt roofing systems will help industry professionals build their businesses and help home and building owners find the best value available in roofing today,” said Jim Baker, ARMA’s Director of Industry Affairs. “ARMA encourages every roofing professional to submit of as many entries as possible, including their small residential projects as well as large commercial roofing projects.”

Accident Prevention Winners Announced

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has announces the results of their Accident Prevention Contest. Winners were grouped by the size of the company.  GAF Materials Corp. operations in Savannah, Ga., and Myerstown, Pa. took top honors in the largest divisions.  Owens Corning was recognized for the safety record of its Brookville, Ind. And Portland Ore., plants.


Sto Corp. Partners to Produce Sustainable Products

Sto Corp., a Georgia-based manufacturer of moisture barriers and exterior finishes, has partnered with specialty construction materials manufacturer ARDEX to expand concrete restoration and repair systems in the United States.

ARDEX, headquartered in Witten, Germany, makes and sells materials used for leveling floors, repairing concrete, and other surfacing materials.

In joining forces, both companies hope to expand their building and concrete restoration market by giving customers an easy, one-stop solution for retrofit projects.

For more information, visit

Tremco Seeks LEED Gold with Headquarters Renovation

Tremco Inc., which has provided sustainable waterproofing solutions for decades, is now turning its attention to its own headquarters.  The $5 million, top-to-bottom renovation that will transform the building—originally built in 1970—into a showcase of sustainability.   According to current plans, the completed building will be one of the few LEED Gold facilities certified by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) in Ohio.  

“This renovation gives us an exceptional opportunity to show our commitment to sustainability to our customers, staff, suppliers and others,” said President Randy Korach.  “Our objectives are to improve energy efficiency and conserve water; reduce operational costs; provide a safer, healthier facility for our employees; and protect the natural environment by reducing our carbon output, lowering the local heat island effect, and recycling and reusing material to keep it from being hauled to a landfill.  

As might be expected, many of the products used in the renovation will be provided by Tremco, or by other sister companies owned by RPM Building Solutions Group.

The roof alone uses four different sustainable roofing systems from Tremco: a vegetated green roof, a white gravel “cool roof,” a reflective, single ply system installed beneath traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels, and a thin film rooftop PV system that will be used to generate electricity for the building. 

“While it is important to us to reach LEED Gold certification, it is even more important that we have a facility our employees are proud to work in, is good for the environment and shows our customers what can be done when an organization is committed to sustainable construction,” says Korach.

The Tremco green headquarters renovation is being chronicled at