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Current Issue
Spring 2018

Waterproof Magazine

Drainage Do’s and Don’ts
By Melissa Morton
Waterproofing contractors can improve profits and stabilize their business by following a few simple rules.

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Dimple Drain Sheets
Dimple drain sheets not only direct water to the perimeter footing drain, but can also serve as a waterproofing membrane.

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Silicone Roof Coatings
It’s possible to extend the life of low-slope roofing without tearing off and replacing the existing membrane. This coating material is durable, watertight and extremely resistant to degradation.

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Waterproofing Decks
A number of innovative products can seal wood and concrete deck surfaces, and protect new or aging pool surfaces as well.

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Hybrid Sealants for Crack Repair
By Richard Catley
Crack repair used to be a binary choice between epoxy and polyurethane. New hybrid sealants offer remarkable performance and profit potential.

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