Sump Pumps: Advances and Installation

by Clark Ricks It’s a nightmare every homeowner dreads:  The basement flooded, belongings soaked.  Carpeting and drywall ruined and...

Selecting Dehumidifiers

By Vanessa Salvia Many homeowners select dehumidifiers based on the size listed on the box, which is often insufficient in a real-world...

Dealing With Moisture on Lightweight Decks

In general, there are significant challenges to waterproofing any low-slope surface, and these challenges are compounded when this...

Commercial Applications for Carbon Fiber

This space age structural repair material is moving beyond basements into above-grade commercial spaces, including the library at the...

Deep Foundations

Complex scheduling, differing substrates, and intense hydrostatic pressure are just a few of the challenges associated with deep...

Mold Growth in New Construction

By Michael Rubino It’s More Common Than You think Tips on how to prevent a costly remediation. As a mold expert, I am constantly...

Waterproofing a Historic Stadium

The expansion and modernization of Bill Snyder Family Stadium at Kansas State University required a significant amount of waterproofing.The football...

Void Fill and Underpinning at the University of Florida

A biomedical building on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainsville was showing signs of foundation failure.  There were...

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The stories and features in the magazine are geared toward hardworking contractors and small business owners who need relevant information, written in plain English, applicable to his business and jobsite.

WATERPROOF! Magazine reaches virtually every segment of the waterproofing industry. Coverage includes:

Residential Below Grade – Spray-applied foundation sealants, self-adhered sheet goods, footing drain tiles, dimple membranes and sump pump systems, crack repair, carbon fiber straps, piering, basement finishing, crawl-space, mold remediation, and moisture management.

Commercial Above and Below Grade – Subway tunnels, wastewater treatment plants, all facets of commercial and industrial waterproofing, underslab barriers, crystalline admixtures, polyurea coatings, curtain grouting, waterstops, blindside, above-grade air barriers, joint sealants and more.

Commercial Roofing – Single-ply, built-up, and ballasted roofing, reflective cool roofing, electronic leak detection, vegetated “green roof” systems, and spray-on coatings.

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Residential Below Grade

Great Work, Wrong Problem

Great Work, Wrong Problem

By Dave Hutcher   To seal or not to seal, that is the question . . .  I’ll never forget the wonderful couple I met in the fall of 1999. They called me out to their home in central Pennsylvania to see what could be done about water entering their basement...

Commercial Above Grade

Empire State Building  Waterproofing Renovation

Empire State Building Waterproofing Renovation

By Vanessa Salvia For the first time in the Empire State Building’s history, the entirety of each fin is uniformly coated with a silver waterproof paint. One of the most iconic buildings in the nation, if not the world, received a much-needed facelift. A...

Waterproofing Metal Buildings

Waterproofing Metal Buildings

    By Vanessa Salvia Application of MFM Building Products' Ultra HT. The beige metal roof can be seen on the lower portion of the building. It may seem unnecessary to waterproof a metal structure, since metal is inherently waterproof. Metal structures are...

Structural Repairs

Crystalline vs. Gel Waterproofing

Crystalline vs. Gel Waterproofing

By Mario Baggio A vertical, below-grade application of biochemically modified gel. In the ongoing search for a waterproofing system that not only protects but also extends the lifespan of a concrete structure, the focus has shifted from short-term surface...

Grouts for Waterproofing and Repair

Grouts for Waterproofing and Repair

Polyurethane grouts can stabilize soils, fill voids, and seal leaking infrastructure. There are many options for repairing leaks in concrete structures. One of the oldest, yet least understood repair methods utilizes polyurethane chemical grouts that react...

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