Integral Waterproofing With Crystalline Admixtures

By Vanessa Salvia How do they work and what can they do? Spray membranes and sheet goods can do a great job of protecting concrete. With...

Project Spotlight: Atlas Luxury Apartments

The tower is located next to a busy street, and because of this, membranes could not be used. The ProjectThe Atlas is the tallest residential tower...

Waterproofing Agricultural Buildings

By Vanessa Salvia Crews marked the locations with spray paint where the CFRP straps would be applied to restore a silo.  It’s possible...

Project Spotlight: Niagara Falls

Pedestrian decks beneath Niagara Falls are sealed with Thompson’s WaterSeal. There’s a place where the chance of precipitation is always...

Protecting Parking Deck Systems

By Amir Hassan, M.Sc., P.E., P.Eng. These open-to-the-elements structures need precautions. It’s hard to imagine any urban setting without parking...

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The stories and features in the magazine are geared toward hardworking contractors and small business owners who need relevant information, written in plain English, applicable to his business and jobsite.

WATERPROOF! Magazine reaches virtually every segment of the waterproofing industry. Coverage includes:

Residential Below Grade – Spray-applied foundation sealants, self-adhered sheet goods, footing drain tiles, dimple membranes and sump pump systems, crack repair, carbon fiber straps, piering, basement finishing, crawl-space, mold remediation, and moisture management.

Commercial Above and Below Grade – Subway tunnels, wastewater treatment plants, all facets of commercial and industrial waterproofing, underslab barriers, crystalline admixtures, polyurea coatings, curtain grouting, waterstops, blindside, above-grade air barriers, joint sealants and more.

Commercial Roofing – Single-ply, built-up, and ballasted roofing, reflective cool roofing, electronic leak detection, vegetated “green roof” systems, and spray-on coatings.

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Residential Below Grade

Great Work, Wrong Problem

Great Work, Wrong Problem

By Dave Hutcher   To seal or not to seal, that is the question . . .  I’ll never forget the wonderful couple I met in the fall of 1999. They called me out to their home in central Pennsylvania to see what could be done about water entering their basement...

Commercial Above Grade

Shriner’s International Project

Shriner’s International Project

Project provided multi-ply modified bitumen roofing for Shriner’s Kerack Polyglass U.S.A. Inc., a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, teamed up with D&D Roofing, a roofing contractor in Nevada, to provide a new roofing system for a Shriner’s...

Waterproofing Pool Decks

Waterproofing Pool Decks

By Vanessa Salvia A knock-down texture for a pool deck is an affordable option that keeps a pool deck cool and protects the concrete.   Concrete is more vulnerable than it seems, especially when it comes to water damage. Since a pool deck is constantly...

InsulFoam’s Geofoam Completes Swimming Pool

InsulFoam’s Geofoam Completes Swimming Pool

With a lightweight payload, Midtown 360 project crews were able to quickly install nearly 13,720 cubic feet of material. Nearly 50 percent of the population of Orem, Utah, is comprised of young families with children under the age of 18 years old. This relatively high...

Structural Repairs

Crystalline vs. Gel Waterproofing

Crystalline vs. Gel Waterproofing

By Mario Baggio A vertical, below-grade application of biochemically modified gel. In the ongoing search for a waterproofing system that not only protects but also extends the lifespan of a concrete structure, the focus has shifted from short-term surface...

Grouts for Waterproofing and Repair

Grouts for Waterproofing and Repair

Polyurethane grouts can stabilize soils, fill voids, and seal leaking infrastructure. There are many options for repairing leaks in concrete structures. One of the oldest, yet least understood repair methods utilizes polyurethane chemical grouts that react...

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