Options for Floor Coatings

By Vanessa Salvia Epoxy and polyurethane are powerful waterproofing allies. While concrete is the most popular building material in the...

Fall 2018 News

Soprema, Inc., the Ohio-based roofing and waterproofing company, has acquired Derbigum Americas Inc., the U.S. division of a Belgian roofing...

The Importance of Certified Installers

By Melissa Morton On many projects, the quality of waterproofing depends on the quality of the installer.  Certification can bring peace...

Blindside in Hollywood

The foundation for this 118-unit apartment complex extends three stories below grade and spans an active fault line.  Geofoam and...

Houston Country Club Innovative Waterproofing

by Phil Funkhauser The Houston Country Club now has a new underground parking garage that has room for more than 400 vehicles.  This...

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The stories and features in the magazine are geared toward hardworking contractors and small business owners who need relevant information, written in plain English, applicable to his business and jobsite.

WATERPROOF!, a full-color quarterly magazine, promises to become the information resource for all types of waterproofers.

Our readers include residential and commercial waterproofers, foundation contractors, and thousands of large roofing contractors. Our readership also includes architects, engineers, and specifiers who are looking for product information.

We cover all aspects of the waterproofing industry—residential and commercial waterproofing, spray-on and sheet good. So whether your business or product is focused on below-grade work, roofing, or structural repair and foundation remediation, you’ll find WATERPROOF! to be the best place to turn for information. WATERPROOF! is mailed to more than 10,000 interested readers throughout the U.S. every quarter.

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Residential Below Grade

Commercial Above Grade

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone roof coatings are flexible, easy-to apply and extremely durable.  They can rehabilitate a wide variety of roof types, such as this EPDM roof in Sharonville, Ohio . Every building owner will eventually have to replace their roof.  In the past, the...

Structural Repairs

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