Creating Livable Basements
By Vanessa Salvia
In homes that have a basement, an increasing number of homeowners are turning them into livable spaces like living rooms and bedrooms or offices. This makes the air quality even more important because people are using them for extended periods of time now. 

Benefits of Ballasted Roofing
By Vanessa Salvia
A ballasted roof is a roof in which the roofing membrane is not anchored or adhered to the decking material but is instead held in palace by rocks or pavers. These roofs work even during high wind events, and they have other advantages too.

Why Your Waterproofing System Should Be Elastomeric
By Greg Austin
Waterproofing solutions for commercial construction projects come in a variety of materials or chemical make-ups. An elastomeric waterproofing material offers advantages due to its flexibility, durability, and high tensile strength. 

Choosing the Right Weather Barriers
By Errol Bull, P.E., CSI
Whether it’s blazing heat and torrential downpour, or harsh winds and icy snowfall, buildings must withstand a range of extreme conditions, year after year. So, how do we make sure that our buildings are built to last?

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Spring 2022 News

Atlas Roofing Corp. unveiled a new brand identity which encompasses a new logo, corporate tagline, mission, vision, and value statements. Atlas developed the new branding in conjunction with Atlas’s 40th anniversary, which will be celebrated throughout 2022.Over the...

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Creating a Livable Basement

Creating a Livable Basement

By Vanessa Salvia A Santa Fe Advance90 unit installed in a finished basement. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, more new homes are being built on slab foundations, without basements — 60.1% of all new single-family homes started in...

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