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Asbestos in the Waterproofing Industry
By Gregory Fahrenbruch
Asbestos is a scary word for a homeowner to hear because of its reputation for causing harmful lung conditions. Asbestos does exist in homes that waterproofers work on, though, so the waterproofing industry cannot overlook this substance.

Choosing and Installing Sump Pumps
By Vanessa Salvia
Sump pumps are an essential tool for waterproofing professionals looking to keep a basement or crawlspace dry. These pumps help remove excess water from a space, preventing damage to the foundation and any stored items. 
But with so many options available, how do you choose the right sump pump for your needs?

Cool Roofing
By Vanessa Salvia
Cool roofs keep interior spaces cooler, which lowers energy costs, keeps buildings and homes more comfortable, and can reduce carbon emissions.

Case Study: Interior Basement Waterproofing
By ’58 Foundations & Waterproofing
In a Pennsylvania home, a homeowner with a basement was plagued by problems with invasive water. The sump pump was failing whenever the water table got high, and the basement was getting wet as a result.

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Summer 2023 News

Polyglass USA launched Club Premio, a new and improved contractor rewards program. Their previous program, QRewards, was retired, though existing customers will find their history and built-up points seamlessly transferred. The new Club Premio includes an...

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Cool Roofing

Cool Roofing

By Vanessa Salvia The Cool Roof Rating Council explains that a cool roof is one that strongly reflects sunlight (solar energy) and also cools itself by efficiently emitting any heat that was absorbed. The U.S. Department of Energy’s document, “Consumer...

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