Blindside and Underslab Work

Typically, below-grade waterproofing is applied after the foundation walls have been poured. However, on some projects, this is simply...

Sealed Crawlspaces: Concrete vs. Plastic

Data shows that sealed crawlspaces dramatically outperform traditional dirt-floored ones.  The choice between concrete and plastic...

Sealing Commercial Concrete

The concrete in this canal was restored and waterproofed with a crystalline waterproofing compound, saving millions of dollars....

Waterproofing Sports Stadiums

New and renovated stadiums, such as this soccer arena in Berlin, Germany, pose many daunting challenges.  This particular structure was...

Low Pressure Injection Repair for Residential Foundations

By Louis F. Cole When repairing a foundation wall with an epoxy or polyurethane foam polymer, the preferred method is low pressure...

Basement Finishing Kits

By Ron Greenbaum Innovative materials and less construction mess are a few advantages these systems offer. As waterproofing...

Backup Sump Pump Systems

Every Homeowner Should Consider this Basic Upgrade By Blake Jeffery Most homeowners understand that they have a primary sump pump in...

The Basics of Integral Crystalline Waterproofing

Over the past three decades, an innovative technology known as Integral Crystalline Waterproofing (ICW) has been changing the way concrete...

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The stories and features in the magazine are geared toward hardworking contractors and small business owners who need relevant information, written in plain English, applicable to his business and jobsite.

WATERPROOF! Magazine reaches virtually every segment of the waterproofing industry. Coverage includes:

Residential Below Grade – Spray-applied foundation sealants, self-adhered sheet goods, footing drain tiles, dimple membranes and sump pump systems, crack repair, carbon fiber straps, piering, basement finishing, crawl-space, mold remediation, and moisture management.

Commercial Above and Below Grade – Subway tunnels, wastewater treatment plants, all facets of commercial and industrial waterproofing, underslab barriers, crystalline admixtures, polyurea coatings, curtain grouting, waterstops, blindside, above-grade air barriers, joint sealants and more.

Commercial Roofing – Single-ply, built-up, and ballasted roofing, reflective cool roofing, electronic leak detection, vegetated “green roof” systems, and spray-on coatings.

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Residential Below Grade

Commercial Above Grade

Green Roof for A Stadium

Green Roof for A Stadium

Adapted from Greenroofs.com For many, summer means baseball.  In 2015, the oldest baseball stadium in the U.S., the Boston Red Sox’ home field Fenway Park underwent a major upgrade, including enhanced Wi-Fi and two new 30-foot-high jumbotrons.  One of the...

Options for Underslab Waterproofing

Options for Underslab Waterproofing

By Ashley Gee Perm Ratings and Puncture Resistance – Striking the Right Balance for Optimum Performance The use of underslab vapor retarders/barriers has long been regarded as an effective, economical way to control moisture migration through concrete. The...

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